What is it? Answers CXXVII

Thursday, July 27, 2006

726. Mechanical indicator and wiggler gauge, with the sharp point it is used to show how accurate a center-punch mark is, to allow it to be adjusted on center.

727. Probably a cotton gin:

728. Tool used for manipulating overhead wires/cables/ropes without the need for a ladder or climbing up a telephone pole.

729. Champion spark plug gap tool and gauge

".025 gap gauge"

730. The image is the floor of an Ames room, the project was making a scale model of this optical illusion.

I printed the Ames room model in black and white on 42" x 30" paper, this cost about $7 at the local print shop. First I tried 18" x 24" paper but it was too small, the larger size works much better. In the photo below, the stacks of metal cubes are the same size but don't appear so because of the construction of the room.

The illusion is much stronger in a larger room.

731. "Kwik Skrape" paint scraper for use on windows, U.S. patent number 2787056.

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